WINGS Clothing – Safety Assurance

COVID-19 commonly known as coronavirus is the most unforgiving virus the World has ever faced. At this crucial stage, Wings decided to take a step further. Motivate people in fighting for a cause, to get the daily necessities of life at ease. Wings assure its customers about the totally safe accessories listed on its website, all the way from production to delivery.

Wings Clothing – Stock handling

Wings provide a totally safe procedure to deliver the customer product safely as possible. The stock contained in the Wings warehouse is sprayed before packing. The staff of Wings is bound to wear latex gloves and masks at all times. The contained stock is then delivered to customers by the courier delivery representative or wings delivery representative. They are also not at ease with the SOPs.

Wings clothing – Delivery

Before the delivery of your product is done. First, it is completely sanitized. Then it is delivered to the customers. Wings care about its customers the most.

Wings clothing – The Prime Wardrobe

Wings is the first brand to introduce prime wardrobe In Pakistan. Well, it is done in keeping the Coronavirus in mind. For each customer to get the prime wardrobe services it is necessary to sanitize themselves before checking. In addition to that, wings do not allow the customer to wear and check the shirt or any accessories ordered. The quality, size can be checked when seen.

WINGS Clothing Brand