Wings love to keep its customers at ease and provide a simple and effortless order process, starting from payment methods to the order that will reach you. The order process consists of a selection of the product, filling an information forum, choosing a payment method, and confirming your order via email or call.

Product selection

Wings provide a one-click order process to customers. On the website, the products are listed. Select a product, select a size and then click add to cart to confirm your desired product. To end up, click on the cart option of the top right corner and click confirm to choose a payment method.

Filling the Form

Wings want you to be a part of our family. In order to do so, it will ask you to be a member. If you wish to open an account and be a part of the wing’s family click on (Sign up) or just skip that by clicking on the skip button. It will then ask you for your name, address, email, phone number. Fill up these and you will be ready for the next part.

Payment Methods

Wings, in order to cover each side, provides plenty of payment methods you can choose. Click on the following options in order to continue:

    1. COD – Cash on Delivery
    2. Direct Bank Transfer

Order Confirmation 

At Wings, we always confirm the order on call from the customer before it is dispatched. You will be receiving an email and a confirmation phone call from the Wings customer support team.

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