Wings is the first brand in Pakistan that introduced prime wardrobe. To overcome the trust issues between the online market and customers in Pakistan prime wardrobe is the best solution.

What is a Prime Wardrobe?

The prime wardrobe is a process of purchasing on E-commerce in which a customer selects 3 shirts from a specific category of item and those three things will be delivered to you. You can check the items on your doorstep and then purchase. It gives you an opportunity to check the items before paying for them.

Terms and Conditions

To go shopping with a prime wardrobe on wings you should keep these conditions in mind.

1) You must be a citizen of Islamabad or Lahore. Wings is only providing a prime wardrobe in Islamabad and Lahore right now.

2) You must have an online payment method option e.g Easypaisa, JazzCash or bank payment.

3) You must pay the delivery charges  200 Rs before the product is delivered to check.

4) If you are purchasing shirts, the shirts you order can be of different designs and also can be of different sizes.

5) You can order max 5 shirts for quality and design test


To select the prime wardrobe on Wings. Following are the steps:

1) Select three shirts from the Shop page and add them to your cart.

2) Now click on the checkout button, and fill the rest of the details.

3} Now in the Shipping panel you will select Prime Wardrobe and now select the payment method.
NOTE: You can add more shirts, the addition of each shirt will cost you 50 Rs.

3) Now click on Place Order.