Stripe Blue Sport Trousers For Men



  • Quality Trouser for men
  • Elasticated Waist Band
  • Long Life Quality Zips
  • Embroidered Logo
  • Printed WINGS Logo – only for supreme
  • Slim & Smart Look
  • Trendy Men Trouser
  • Designer Look Men Trouser
  • Casual Trouser for Men
  • Sports Trouser for Men


WINGS proudly introduces its sports range, trousers for men. Trouser at wings lies in two categories wool and sports.
Sports trousers are with a dry fit material that is a very unique Fabric. One wearing Sports trousers should not worry about casual spills as these can be easily removed by just rubbing it with anything. Our sports trousers are very comfortable and durable and can be used for playing games, jogging, and at the gym. The fabric is perfect for summers both for casual use and workout use.

One of our trouser’s article named as supreme trouser is Semi-Compression. Semi-compression – a trouser design that is not too sticky to your lower body but gives you a way to present better. Compression pants can help increase the amount of blood that flows back to the heart from the legs when you are working out. This may help give your muscles a little boost when you are running or cycling.

The wool trousers are perfect for winters from bed to the playground. The fabric of wool trousers is thick enough to keep you warm in cold winter. Our fleece trousers are very comfortable, with perfect stitching, an elasticated waistband, and non-falling. Wool Trousers are very commonly used at the gym. The stretched material allows you to be very cozy while doing your workout. You can also wear them while you are traveling. The non-falling material allows you to be very confident and makes you look unique.

We welcome you to try our product trousers for men. You can directly buy by placing an order at WINGS’ website. You also have the option to check out products at your home through our prime wardrobe option. In the prime wardrobe, you can check the products at your doorstep. You have the option to return the product if you are not satisfied. You can select the prime wardrobe option at the checkout stage.

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